Sunday, March 16, 2008

Play Dough

Muffin is getting better but she's now gotten used to all that TV watching, sigh... to try and reel her back into play mode, I decided to make some play-dough from scratch and let her use cookie cutters on the 'dough'. Of course I had to dye it a nice reddish/ fuschia color. Thankfully it was a big hit and Muffin loved the dough. We cut out shapes which she proceed to bake in her playkitchen's oven. And a great time was had by all!

Her fever finally broke, she's just got a runny nose, every time she sneezes, we're rushing to her with tissue to clear her nose/hand from the wicked buggers coming out - not pretty! She's still coughing a bit and energy level is not up to normal but she's much more active than the last couple of days.

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