Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm in love

I'm officially sorry we let Muffin watch Disney movies & videos. I walked in through the door yesterday, and she told me that she was in love, she wouldn't be happy until she found her true love, etc. - in other words, she was parroting what she's seen in the Disney media. First time she did this I freaked out, told her she was too young to be in love, which confused her, she thought I was upset because I reacted like I did (my bad). Note to self - next time pretend its nothing so it hopefully goes away!

SO, if anyone has an ideas of role models for her that are NOT simpering princesses waiting for their prince, please share!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cat Angel

We had an unexpected sad surprise Saturday in the week hrs, when DaddyMuffin sadly discovered that our kitty had used up one of his lives. We suspect he must have had a heart attack, because he was completely normal and apparently healthy until we discovered he was gone. :(

Muffin took it very well overall, I am proud to say. . We told her after she came back from playgroup Saturday afternoon. lAt her request we went to the basement to check our cat's favorite sleeping spot and verify he indeed wasn't there. We told her that our cat was very old, and had gone to heaven to become an angel with God, and now can play with all the other cats in heaven and have a lot of fun. She had many questions about Buster playing in heaven: who opened the door so that Buster could go to Heaven? Where is Heaven? Can we get a new pet? Why will he sit on a cloud? What will he eat? Will God feed him? ...

We drew a picture of an angel cat - I used my third grade drawing skills to draw a cat, per her direction (she told me what to draw and what colors to use), then she taped on a couple of dried leaves as wings.

One day we'll go pick out a new kitty at an animal shelter, with her help of course! In the meantime DaddyMuffin will print out a picture of Buster for her to have as a sweet memory.