Monday, July 2, 2007

Remembering Saturday

Monday she was remembering how she felt sick, when I got home from work she was talking about how she had thrown up that morning (she didn't). Then at bedtime she said 'I feel sick' and wanted a bowl to throw up in. After asking her tons of questions we determine she was play-acting, though she gave us a bit of a scare!


SUNDAY - Muffin is feeling much better, though we kept her on a diet of crackers, bread & juice just to be safe. Today was a fun day for her though - her first time on a trycicle! Daddy was there to help her out, she was *barely* able to reach the pedals but she definitely enjoyed it!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Great Day, Bad Night

We had a wonderful Saturday, spent it having a picnic with an old college friend of DH plus his family (wife & 2 twin kids, boy/girl, almost 6 yrs old). The park we were had a gorgeous view of the local river, and the kids had a blast running all over and playing. Muffin and the twin girl really took to each other, it was so cute to see them playing together! During dinner, Muffin said her tummy hurt, but she said it so matter of factly that we thought she was just saying it for play.

We finished the day at their house, put PJ's on Muffin and headed home. She promptly fell asleep, but about 1 hr into our drive home, she woke up crying. I reached out from my seat (I'm in the passenger seat) to comfort her, next thing I know she's upchucked some of her dinner into my hand! DH pulled over into an emergency lane as soon as he could, I jumped out of the car and after cleaning up, sat next to her the rest of the way home. Once home we went straight for the bathroom, cleaned her up, and just held her while she finished the job. Broke my heart, she was crying her heart out on the way home and you could tell she was feeling so miserable :( She finally fell asleep on the bathroom rug (which I'd rolled up and covered with a towel), and I cleaned up her clothes & stuff on the bathroom sink while DH worked on her carseat. Ugh!

We're a little concerned b/c she's not one to throw up, but she's done that randomly about 4-5 timtes in the last 6 months or so. And you bet next time she says her tummy hurts I'll take it seriously!