Thursday, June 18, 2009

Looking cute

DSC_8206cc print
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Last Saturday we went to a birthday party, and in the goody bag Muffin found this pair of sunglasses. Aren't they cute? Muffindaddi asked her to pose around with them, and this is what he got. Unfortunately the glasses were so full of sparkles we had to get rid of them - Muffin had sparkles in her eyebrows, face, all over her arms... you get the idea. And that's only after wearing the glasses for a little while. Too bad, they were so cute!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dance Recital

Muffin danced a very cute tap dance number for her 2nd dance recital. Here's a picture of her in her costume:

Her teacher was helping her class along by showing the dance steps while hiding behind the curtains. I thought it was so cute that Muffin was facing her teacher instead of the audience! (she's on the left) Very adorable of course, how could she not be?

Unfortunately for her, she didn’t get to see the other dancers, she had to wait 2.5 hrs (minus her time on stage) on a side room. I brought a coloring book, plain paper, crayons & (washable) markers and that helped her while away the time.

She was very proud of her dancing - and loved the lovely bouquet that Nana & Grandad brought her! Afterwards we all went out for a nice mid-afternoon late lunch at a local yummy Spanish/Portuguese restaurant.
I think her favorite part is that I put REAL lipstick on her (medium shade of pink). I had to keep saying this was ONLY because of the recital, otherwise I just know she'd keep asking for it every day... boy does she love makeup!