Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Muffin and I have a little tradition at bedtime when we read our nighttime stories. Every night she will go to her "library" and pick out one book to read as "hola" and one to read as "hello" (i.e. one in Spanish and one in English). If the "hola" book is originally written in English I just translate it on the spot for her. Last night she picked a picture book as the "hola" book and I thought it would be a good opportunity for Muffin to practice her Spanish. So I asked her to tell me what the different food names were in Spanish, and if she hesistated I'd help her along... Then she decided to be sly and funny… and started inventing her own translations by spanglishizing English words - for example for Carrots, she called them "Carrota". She very obviously thought she was clever because she was giggling through the whole thing. Sigh… she's too smart for me already and she's only THREE !!!

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