Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Of Pancakes & Skunks

Muffin has a new favorite story, The Runaway Pancake , which was our Valentine's day gift for her. It’s a pretty cute story actually, and the book even has a CD of John Lithgow reading the story. So now we have a new imaginary friend, the "boy pancake" who comes to visit and play and even has done sleep overs (who knew?). He even greets me whenI come home from work! Of course we all have to be careful not to sit on him, since we can't see him ;)

But don't worry, she has not forgotten about good ol' Baby Skunk... For the past 6+ months we have had an ongoing saga with the poor litle Baby Skunk that fell off a log and hurt his leg. Usually played by Muffin herself (aspiring actresst that she is), with yours truly typically assigned as the person who finds the Baby Skunk, and takes care of the boo-boo. Sometimes I'm transformed into a Princess or another storytime character, but the story is pretty much the same everytime. Baby Skunk even enters into the stories I have to spin for her - say, she asks for a story about Blues Clues, I'll start inventing it, then Muffin stops me & tells me how Baby Skunk somehow has entered this story. Thankfully both Baby Skunk and Mamma Skunk don't stink (she doesn't know how skunks smell and I’m not about to tell her).

I can just see the evolution for our next story, maybe tonight… about how Baby Skunk meet Boy Pancake. My imagination is getting tired from all this invention, help!! Actually I’m very grateful to see how creative she is, though it can be exhausting its also very rewarding.

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