Monday, March 31, 2008

Garden & Camera

Sunday was an uneventful day for the Muffin family, nice & quiet.

Muffin and I went shopping Sunday morning for pansies to plant in the garage flower bed. Then we planted the flowers together (sort of). She enjoyed taking out the old poitting soil from the container, and somehow kept covering the whole flowers with the potting soil as we were planting them. She even got to water them, now I'll be teaching her to watch the flowers as they grow. I tried to get her help in clearing out leaves from the garden bed but she was more interested in climbing over all of her yard toys. She does miss running back there, we need to start getting the yard ready for the summer. Can't wait!

In the afternoon, somehow Muffin got the idea that she wanted to take pictures. Probably because she saw Daddy Muffin taking pictures during the birhtday party we had just gone to. I offered to lend her my camera so she could take pictures of her most recent toy, and she did a pretty good job (with just a bit of help from me). Watch out Daddy Muffin, you've got competition!

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