Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Boo Boos and Growing up!

Muffin is starting to try and use the power of positive thinking already - boy she's precocious! As an example - she asked me last night (right before bedtime) if we could go blow bubbles outside. I said not now, its almost bedtime. So she asked me again. I repeated my answer. So she asked me AGAIN, and I asked her in turn - what did Mami just say? Her answer was "Mami said yes", said with a smile. It took a few more back and forth discussions for her to understand that NO, we're not going to blow bubbles outside at night. She's been doing this a lot lately, sometimes she gets very upset if we don't agree with her request. Breaks my heart but what can you do? She's got to learn that life will not always hand her what she wants. It’s a tough lesson.

Another tough lesson yesterday (which I truly hope she learned) is that you don't put your fingers inside the door hinge. I had opened the storm door to talk to Daddy (who was outside doing some yard work), and did not realize that Muffin had snuck in and put her fingers in the door hinge. As I slowly closed the door I heard her yell, and was horrified to see her fingers in the hinge! Thankfully she's ok, just a little bruised.

The other thing we're noticing is that she's not eating as much as she used to, she grazes a lot. Feels like I'm starving her but I'm following her lead on what she wants to eat and how much.

Cousin B stayed overnight last weekend, and Muffin had a blast playing with her cousin. Given that he's a teenage boy, he did VERY well playing with her, though she did most of the work, LOL! Lately much of her play involves telling me (or whoever is playing with her) what to do. For example - sit here, I'm going to make you a snack (and she goes to her play kitchen to make it), then she tells me to eat it, and drink it, but to "be careful its hot". Then she'll tell me I'm a good girl. Or we 'play act' the Cinderella story (her favorite), she gets to play Cinderella and I play everyone else whenever she tells me. She'll even put props on me (like a 'cape' so I can be the prince, or a wand to be the fairy godmother). It’s a lot of fun to watch her inventing her world!

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