Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Acting 101

For the last week or so, Muffin has been 'play acting' the Cinderella movie. She'll dress up in her 'Cinderella' clothes, then she'll ask me to play act all the other characters in the movie. I'll play the Fairy Godmother who comes to Cinderella when she's crying (after the stepsisters tore her dress), then I'll play the prince, then I'll play the duke, the stepmother, etc. Very cute the first couple of times we did this… about the 6-7 time she did this I began to wonder if we did the right thing in letting her watch the Cinderella movie, LOL! Especially when she has friends over for playgroup but still prefers to do the playacting thing as opposed to playing with her friend. Sigh…

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