Saturday, June 28, 2008

Girls Night In

DaddyMuffin had plans last night (Friday), so I told Muffin that we would have a "Girls Night In". She LOVED the idea! She even informed DaddyMuffin he needed to be out of the house because we had to have our Girls Night In. Gotta love the power of words!

So after dinner, we sat down to watch a movie, 101 Dalmatians. It lasted about 1 hr before she got too restless to watch anymore. But it was fun to watch together. She loved munching on frozen blueberries while watching the movie.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Puppet Show

Last night when I arrived home, the house was redecorated with a "stage"… apparently Muffin requested, nay, demanded that MuffinDaddy create a stage for her to create a puppet show. Desperation breeds creativity they say, and in this case it proved true. MuffinDaddy eventually was able to create a fantastic stage with a string and a couple of baby blankets.

So as soon as dinner was over, I got a little show. Unfortunately Muffin didn't want me to film it, so this video isn't the best quality but here it is anyway:

She's hiding behind the curtains, sticking her arms out with two "spider" puppets, and talking about Sleeping Beauty (I barely understood the rest of what she said but it was cute of course).

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Daddy Muffin had an evening errand to run, so it was just us girls home for the evening. For some reason I remembered I had some scraps of fabric I'd bought months ago to make dress up clothes for Muffin (but of course I never did make anything), and I thought, given Muffin's penchant for playing with fabrics, maybe she'd enjoy playing with these scraps. Sure enough, she had a blast! She decided immediately that these scraps would manke a great mermaid costume, so I had to go to work and dress her up - something to cover her chest, something for the tail, and yet another fabric scrap for the tail "flap" (or whatever its called). And she immediately proceeded to "play" the story of Ariel (with me providing the rest of the cast, per usual).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fashion Makeover

Last night, as I walked in thru the door, Muffin immediately asked me to come over because she needed to dress me up. And I got a makeover with the help of her collection of assorted scarves and baby blankets. I guess it was my turn to get dressed up! Here's a picture of her giving me my Fashion Makeover. Move over,
Stacy London !

Monday, June 16, 2008


Yesterday was Father's Day, and of course Muffin and I did our best to make Daddy Muffin feel special. First we let him sleep in, the we gave him some fun trinkets he had to find via a fun scavenger hunt througout the house. And then Muffin and I went out for the afternoon so Daddy Muffin could take care of some stuff at home without any "Muffin" distractions.

So Mufin and I went to a Pirate Faire held at the NJ Kingdom. She enjoyed seeing pirates and watching a few shows - we watched a re-enactment of Jack and the Beanstalk, a puppet show telling the Little Riding Hood story, went to the craft table, and watched a fairy tale mime (they mixed up a bunch of children's stories into one). She did so well here, I think she's ready for the NY Renfair ! Muffin had so much fun she even wore her pirate bandana when we went out food shopping at night. AARGH!
Oh - I forgot to add - of course she got her own card and her own gift for Father's day! While shopping for Daddy Muffin's gift at Target she spied a movie that she saw clips of in Youtube, The Swan Princess, and she sweetly asked for it. How could I say "no"?

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Now that Muffin's older, she doesn't want to be left out of ANYTHING, so when I got home yesterday, she had an anniversary card that she wrote for herself (Daddy Muffin bought it for her when he got mine, per her request), and she asked for a present, so she got her own "anniversary" present (a toy we had sitting around). She was so excited about it being her anniversary too, it was so cute! And of course she joined us for our anniversary dinner at a local Spanish restaurant.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Muffin is officially a dancing star! She had her very first recital yesterday, and she of course stole the show. About a dozen little girls danced to "Lollipop Lollipop", all lined up. They had to pickup a lollipop prop at the beginning of the dance routine, and Muffin accidentally grabbed the wrong one. She immediately realized this and exchanged it for the one that she should have picked. Of course this is all live in front of everyone, and she stole the show by switching her lollipop. Too cute!

Afterwards, her Nana & Grandad gave her a lovely bouquet of roses, and took all of us out for a lovely Italian dinner. Muffin being true to her "hard to feed" nature, asked for rice and black beans, sigh. It took a little explaining for her to understand she could have pasta but not rice at this restaurant. And as a treat she had ice cream for dessert (a rare treat indeed given her acid reflux issues). We told her to only eat half her cup, but next thing we knew, she'd eaten it all and was drinking the melted ice cream from the cup! She's a quick one, what can I say?