Monday, June 2, 2008


Muffin is officially a dancing star! She had her very first recital yesterday, and she of course stole the show. About a dozen little girls danced to "Lollipop Lollipop", all lined up. They had to pickup a lollipop prop at the beginning of the dance routine, and Muffin accidentally grabbed the wrong one. She immediately realized this and exchanged it for the one that she should have picked. Of course this is all live in front of everyone, and she stole the show by switching her lollipop. Too cute!

Afterwards, her Nana & Grandad gave her a lovely bouquet of roses, and took all of us out for a lovely Italian dinner. Muffin being true to her "hard to feed" nature, asked for rice and black beans, sigh. It took a little explaining for her to understand she could have pasta but not rice at this restaurant. And as a treat she had ice cream for dessert (a rare treat indeed given her acid reflux issues). We told her to only eat half her cup, but next thing we knew, she'd eaten it all and was drinking the melted ice cream from the cup! She's a quick one, what can I say?

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