Saturday, July 12, 2008

First Dentist Visit

Sofia's first dentist visit was today, and she did great!

The dental hyegenist spent quite a bit of time cleaning her teeth, since some plaque had built up. She was SO patient throughout the whole thing! And the office was wonderful. They first showed her a very well done cartoon video of what its like to go for your first dentist visit. The hyegenist talked very gently, explaining all along what was happening. And at the end, she got a dental goody bag and her very own spinny tooth-brush! They also showed her their big "pacifier" bank where all good binkies go after the kids are done with them… ahem, she's still sleeping with her "bobo", which we remove once she's completely out. So we told her that maybe by the time of her checkup (in 6 months) she can deposit her bobos into the pacifier bank, for a prize. We shall see…

They also did digital x-rays to check how her grown-up teeth are coming up, and they look great (knock on wood) so it appears that using the pacifier hasn't affected them.

So of course Muffin spent the whole weekend showing everyone her beautiful clean teeth, and everytime she washed hands she also wanted to brush her teeth with the spinny toothbrush. What fun!

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