Monday, July 7, 2008


We have discovered dolls, ayayayay! It’s adds a whole other dimension to play. Not to mention tons of stuff to buy and store. Its all so commercialized nowadays that I'm ambivalent about doll playing, though this article explains it’s a good thing.

To test how much she really wanted to play with dolls, I took out my old Barbie dolls. We're talking 30 yr old Barbie dolls. Amazingly I still have them! So I took them out, looked at all the beat up clothes and dolls, did my best to clean them, and let her play a bit.

Yup, she loved it. OF course DaddyMuffin was horrified at the condition of the dolls, and wanted to immediately buy her at least one new one, which I did. And I discovered Barbie has changed considerably in 30 yrs! She's not as busty but has more hips. Who knew? Very few of my old Barbie clothes fit the new doll, so we'll have to shopping for some new doll clothes. It will be challenging to hunt for "appropriate" doll clothes. Sigh. Of course Muffin isn't quite dextrous (or patient) enough to put doll clothes on yet, so guess who ended up doing all the clothes changes? ;) Once again we have proved that Motherhood is a chance to relieve childhood


Alicia said...

OUR babrbie dolls, not only yours, hehehehe.....enjoy!!!

Ana said...

OK OK, we did share them... but they're mine now, bwahahaha! Even Dancin' Barbie and the vintage Barbie wedding dress we got from Lisi!