Thursday, January 17, 2008

PhD in Imagination

These days I feel like I'm earing a PhD in Imagination... Muffin just loves loves loves stories. Which is great, except that she'll spend a good part of the day asking me for stories on things like: a toothbrush (what kind of story can you tell about it??) 3 kittens, a baby ducky, 3 fishies, Nemo and the baby skunk, Sleeping Beauty and the baby skunk, (do you see a pattern here?) etc. The longer the story the better she likes it. And she's got definite ideas on the story details. For example, when I said the 3 fishies lived in a pond, she told me that no, they live in the sea.
I tell you, its exhausting to be so creative on demand ALL the time!! Then again I love that she's got such a vivid imagination and is so creative. She's great at mixing elements of stories together which I think is wonderful. Its tough to keep up with her though!

I can see how people start writing children's books though - some of the stories I've created have potential as books... I told DH that we should consider writing children's books - use his pictures and my stories and we'll have a business in no time!

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