Monday, January 21, 2008

Growing up

Muffin is growing up so fast… Yesterday morning when she woke up, she said she wanted to go potty all by herself. She closed the bathroom door, took off her bottoms by herself, sat herself on the toilet, and only called me because she couldn't reach the bathroom tissue. After I gave her a few pieces, she asked me to leave her alone. She then proceeded to cleanup, get off by herself, flush, then wash & dry her hands. ALL BY HERSELF! My mommy heart is torn between pride and sadness at seeing her grow so quick.

And she's got spunk! Last night we went to a birthday party for her cousin (his first b-day!) and they had a little musical chairs game for the kids. Inevitably she got left out at one of the turns, so what did she do? When she realized she didn't have a seat, she nonchalantly grabbed the nearest empty chair and sat there instead. Everyone roared at that, and she got a prize for sheer chutzpah ;)

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