Friday, April 1, 2011

Questions about God

Bathtime for Muffin is typically play-acting time with Mami. Not last night! Instead, she started to quiz me on Heaven and God - Will God take care of us, will he give us things to do so we don't get bored, will he give us blankets in winter? And my favorite question - after we go to heaven, do we get to come back to earth again?

WHERE in the world is she getting these questions???

Back when she was learning to go potties, out of the blue she asked me (while seated on the potty) if God loved us. I said "Yes of course he does" . So she asked if we go live with him when we die. I said "yes". To which she answered  -so he wants us to go live with him? I don't want to die!!! And she proceeded to burst into inconsolable crying!! I had to try and hug and comfort her WHILE STILL SEATED in the potty!! LOL!

Don't know if I should be worried or not on this interest in God's mysterious ways, LOL!

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RoseAngela said...

LOL! omg I can't stop laughing..awww shes adorable!!!
ps. love your writing, I didn't know you had this, consider me one of your readers now :D