Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's day

Muffin had a wonderful day on Valentine's! We'd made some crafty presents for Muffindad the night before, and she was so excited about it that we woke up Muffindad just to give him his presents. (Sorry, no extra sleep for Muffindad!) We had heart shaped French Toast (cut into shape by Muffinmom) for breakfast, then went to a fun birthday party that afternoon. After nap, we opened the rest of the presents for everyone and had a fantastic dinner at our favorite Tex Mex restaurant, Tinga Taqueria

So of course on Sunday, Muffin asked me if it was Valentine's day again. LOL! I told her no, and she wanted to know why? YOU try to explain it to a 4 year old who wants more holidays!

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