Tuesday, August 12, 2008


What a weekend! The whole family went to Wisconsin this past weekend for the wedding of MamiMuffin's goddaughter. It was a wonderful time, we got to see old friends and meet new ones. We partied all weekend, literally! Muffin did wonderfully the whole time, though she was extremely bored by the wedding ceremony (which I can understand from her point of view). Muffin got to meet her godmother for the first time since her Christening, and it was love at first sight for both :) Her godmother was quite busy being the Mother of the Bride, but she always made a point of listening to Muffin. It was so sweet to see them both together!

A few tidbits from the trip...

• While at the airport restroom, Muffin informed me (in a very loud surprised voice) that this bathroom had "magical toilets" and "magical faucets" because they worked by themselves. Thereafter, every public toilet was inspected to see if it was a magical toilet or not. LOL!

• While driving into Wisconsin from the Minneapolis airport, we stopped at a convenience store for a drink and snack. Here's what Muffin had to say when we walked into the store: "I didn't know they had food in Wisconsin!" She said it so sincerely too!

• While getting ready for the wedding, MamiMuffin went to get my nails done at a local salon and Muffin came along to get her fingernails done too! She spent the rest of the weekend showing EVERYONE her beautiful nails, especially the thumbs which had a flower painted on them.

• After the ceremony she requested to go for a nap (!!) and promptly fell asleep when we got back to our hotel room. We did make it down in time for the end of the cocktail hour, and she had a wonderful time making new friends and dancing with everyone from kids to the bride (see picture!). She missed out on quite a few naps and she did wonderful (no temper tantrums, meltdowns, etc) though she was tired. Today she is determined to get her nap in, now that she's home.

• One of the couples at our table turned out to be neighbors of Muffin's godmother, and they were generously offered to do a playdate with Muffin and their 4 yr old daughter. This was a much needed playdate for Muffin, I think she was missing playing with kids her own age and really enjoyed this playdate. Thanks Dawn!

• The music for the wedding was fantastic (it was a salsa band - and they were smokin'!) but it was quite loud. Muffin asked me (on her own!) for a pair of earplugs to wear while dancing (note the yellow plugs in her ears). Smart girl!

• Special thanks to Titi Ali for the beautiful necklace she made Muffin to match Muffin's dress. Muffin loved it!

All in all, a fun trip, but it
was nice to be back in our cozy beds last night.

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Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Aww, the magical toilet/faucet thing is really cute!