Sunday, February 10, 2008

Picnic in February?

Sunday morning Muffin woke up asking for a picnic. My response was, honey, its too cold to have a picnic! But that didn’t deter her, she just suggested we do it at the mall. And being true to herself, it was just not any picnic, she asked for tablecloth & flowers & an an umbrella. I was able to dissuade her from the umbrella and we used placemats instead of a tablecloth. It turned out great! I packed up simple sandwiches for everyone, brought some water & some chips, and we had a wonderful little picnic in the middle of Woodbridge mall.

Later that day while we were chatting, she suddenly asks me about talking in Spanish and she says, mami, I'd like to learn Spanish. I almost hit the floor! So now I'm trying to talk even more Spanish with her, which is hard b/c she speaks English so well its automatic to respond back in English. When I catch myself, I'll repeat my response in Spanish, repeating in both languages whatever word or phrase might be new to her. Hey, she just might still turn out bilingual!

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